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How YOUR Business can use our AI Bots

Offer instant customer support, streamline sales inquiries, and automate routine tasks, all while reducing operational costs.

Experience firsthand how effective chatbots are a making your business more cost-effective while working 24/7!


Marketing Agency

Chatbot benefits for marketing agency

Build online Chatbots on your favourite channels. A user clicks on the “Learn More” button, and instead of redirecting them to a website, a chatbot initiates a conversation. Greeting and qualifying the clients, delivering qualified leads to a human, 24/7.



e-commerce benefits with chatbots

Hundreds of customers enquiring about your products every minute of the day? The digital assistant can automate the process, answer all the clients questions in a professional manner and send the HOT leads to a human to close the deal!


Fast Food

Fast food companies can benefit from using a chatbot

Understand how chatbots help optimize your fast food outlet. Streamline the ordering process by instantly taking customer orders and answering menu-related queries, reducing wait times and human errors.


Professional Services

Use chatbots to schedule appointments with consultants in a professional office

Don’t waste time on basic admin tasks. Use AI chatbots that Clients can interact with. The Digital Assistant can check the availability of consultants and book appointments.  Further, send reminders to clients about upcoming meetings or reschedule appointments if needed.


Chatbot PRICING that doesn't break the bank

The world of AI might sound pricey, but chatbots don’t have to break the bank! Free platforms like OpenAI Chat let you dip your toes into the water, while affordable “rule-based” chatbots can handle simple tasks without blowing your budget.

Explore our pricing below which offers you the best of both worlds… Want to use OpenAI in your chatbot? We got you. Want to create a rule-based chatbot? Yes, you guessed it, we got you!


Business Pro

Perfect for Businesses which use a website and socials
R 990
  • 1 bot included
  • 1000 bot users included p/m
  • 5 workspace members
  • Unlimited automations
  • Access all PRO features

Business Super

Established businesses which have a significant volume of socials
R 2699
  • 5 bots included
  • 10000 bot users included p/m
  • 10 workspace members
  • Unlimited automations
  • Access all PRO features

WHY use our Chatbot Building Platform

Even AI-powered gems like GPT-based chatbots have subscription tiers that scale with your needs. So, instead of thinking “Talk to AI,” say “Chat with my new cost-effective assistant!”

Remember, you don’t need cutting-edge AI to harness the power of chatbots; even basic online bots can streamline your customer service, answer FAQs, and keep your audience engaged. 

Chatbot satisfies customers

Engage Clients

Can increase revenue by up to 15% by using chatbots to re-engage customers.

chatbots can save your business money by reducing support costs

Cost Savings

Chatbots can reduce total business costs by up to 30%.

Bot creatig 24/7 customer engagement

24/7 Satisfaction

Chatbots are designed to provide 24/7 support, leading to 80% consumer satisfaction.

chatbot allows for business growth

More Orders

30% increase in orders, where the chatbot was used in eCommerce stores.


Unlock the Power of CHATBOTS with Our Expertise! 🚀🤖

Navigating the digital landscape with its myriad of AI Chatbot options and functionalities might be overwhelming at first due to all the possibilities, but don’t worry. We got you! Our user-friendly chatbot interface, comprehensive tutorials, and dedicated support team ensure a smooth transition. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Embrace the future with confidence, knowing you’re in capable hands.


Watch some Chatbot MAGIC 👇

Watch our 2 Minute video below to learn more about how are chatbots are not only helpful and effective. They are totally worth it with all the ai chatbot features you might need…and more!


Simply drag the lines to connect with different components, it will be like painting when building digital assistants with our platform


With send message, question, action, condition, split, Goto, send email module, you can skyrocket your chatbot.


You can set up keywords triggered, sequence automation, and bring subscribers in through our powerful growth tools. Dont forget the native OpenAI integration to allow for advanced AI Chatbots.


E-commerce feature allows customers to place orders across all the channels we support. Build an effective chatbot to enhance your customer experience. Your customer can easily search for your products, and our platform streamlines the checkout process for you.


Create a 24/7 Customer JOURNEY with our AI Chatbot Building Platform.

What are you going to do with all that free time?

Popular INTEGRATIONS used by Businesses

Use our Chatbot Building Platform to stay connected with your CLIENTS 24/7 across WhatsApp and 11+ other channels using our AI CHATBOTS!


Stay Connected! 🌐 Engage your CUSTOMERS seamlessly across 12+ diverse channels.

Dive into Universal Connectivity! 🌍 Our Chatbot seamlessly engages with customers across platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google Business Messenger, Telegram, SMS, Voice, Line, Viber, Wechat, Slack, and more!

Stay connected with your clients accross 12 chatbot channels

Important INFO about Chatbots


Need or want more information about our Chatbot Building Platform. We got you, just check out the FAQs.

Not finding what you are looking for? Just pop us a mail or message and our team will help you in no time!


It’s a sophisticated digital tool designed to offer 24/7 support, answer your queries, assist with tasks, and enhance your online experience.


Yes, the chatbot is fully functional on WhatsApp, offering features like lists, buttons, and interactive messages. You can even sell your goods and services via a catelog and have them pay via Whatsapp.


You can make use of our Forever Free Account to build a Free Chatbot. However, to build a Chatbot on WhatsApp Business you will need to have access to the WhatsApp Business Cloud API (which can incur additional costs) and require access to our Business Pro Account.


Great question! Our platform makes it simple with a visual builder. However, before you begin first read how to activate your WhatsApp Business Cloud API on our blog post about the WhatsApp Business Cloud API setup (ps quite a lengthy read).


Yes, the assistant supports e-commerce features, allowing you to search for products, avail discounts, and streamline the checkout process. Our blog posts contain step-by-step guides on various features. We gave a brief breakdown of the e-commerce features in a recent post.


You can engage with the assistant on over 12 channels, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google Business Messenger, Telegram, and more. You can find our full list of features here.


Not to worry. If the assistant can’t address a query, there’s a feature that allows you to be connected to human support by allocating the chat to the designated human. If you want to speak to a human from Itheta Labs just pop us a message below.


Yes, we adhere to POPI regulations, furthemore, the platform is GDPR compliant. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information on our policies.


To create a chatbot for your business, start by identifying the platform you want to use, then define the bot’s purpose and structure its conversation flow. Next, build and test the bot before launching it. Read more about Chatbots and how they can influence your business in our blog.


Chatbots can enhance customer service by offering 24/7 support, reducing response time, and personalizing interactions. They can also help in reducing operational costs and increasing sales by re-engaging customers. For an in-depth exploration of the benefits, check out our blog post.


Integrating a chatbot with your website is quite straightforward with Itheta Labs. Essentially, our platform provides a piece of code that you can easily copy and paste onto your website, facilitating seamless integration. You can find detailed step-by-step guidance on this process at our Blog.