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Workspaces & Members Function

Workspaces & Members

Think of a workspace as your team and the members or users as individuals powering that team.


  • A workspace encompasses many members.
  • A member can affiliate with numerous workspaces, each with distinct roles.

Workspace Specifications

A workspace is tailored primarily for a singular business. It compiles all essential resources, from payment methods and email profiles to product details. Every workspace comes with its billing details and restrictions, including member count, bot users, and the number of bots. Extra charges might apply for additional features.

A workspace can integrate with:

  • A single omni bot (across 8 channels)
  • One account each for Facebook, various Google services (like Google My Business, Google Sheet, Gmail, and Dialogflow), Intercom, Stripe, PayPal, Cloudinary, Calendly, MongoDB Cloud, Twilio, SignalWire, Message Media, SendGrid, and MailChimp.
  • Up to 10 SMTP profiles for email sending.

workspace setting

Notably, a workspace can download an individual mini-app only once. If you’ve connected a mini-app, like WooCommerce, to your workspace, it can’t be re-downloaded to link another account unless designed to connect multiple accounts.

Heads Up! While a workspace can connect to just one Facebook or Google (for Google My Business) account, it can generate bots for multiple Facebook Pages or Google Businesses.

Engaging with Multiple Facebook Pages & Google Businesses

To connect, ensure you have ownership or admin rights to the Facebook Page or Google My Business. Once you link your Facebook, ensure all requisite pages are selected. The process is the same for Google My Business; just have clients make your Google account an admin.

Choosing Workspaces for Different Businesses?

It’s all up to you!

Modifying Workspace Details

Click on ‘Workspace Settings’ to adjust the workspace profile, including the logo, name, timezone, and default flow theme.

workspace setting

Quick Tip Your workspace’s timezone setting impacts bot time processing. For instance, the system values “BOT_CURRENT_TIME” might differ based on timezone settings.

Navigating Workspace

Click on the workspace name at the top-left of your dashboard to swap workspaces. This section lets you view all joined workspaces, create new ones, or switch between them. If you’re not the workspace’s owner, you can leave; if you are, you have deletion rights.

API Integration

The “API Keys” section is accessible from the main screen. Here, you can create an API key for specific workspaces and flows. The platform also integrates with services like Zapier, Pabbly Connect, and more.

API key

Adjusting User Preferences

Click on your username at the top-right, then “Your Settings” to access user settings. Support links are also available here.

Quick Tip

The timezone set for the user influences the displayed time on platforms like Live Chat and Error Logs.

Members & Their Roles

 Members can have restricted or complete workspace access. There are three primary roles: Owner, Admin, and Member. The workspace’s creator automatically becomes its owner.

Role Specifications

  • Member: Can edit flows and view analytics.
  • Admin: Inherits Member features and can manage channels, integrations, ecommerce, templates, and mini-apps.
  • Owner: Inherits Admin features and can manage the workspace profile, members, subscriptions, and payments.

overview of members

Member Invitation & Role Management

Owners can invite new members by providing their email and designated role. If the member is new they’ll receive a setup link in their invitation email.

Editing Member Roles

Owners can set roles during member invitations or modify them later. Adjust roles by clicking the gear icon on the member page.


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