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Overview of the Workflow Function in our Chatbot Builder

The Workflow Overview

A workflow in Itheta Labs is like a backend process where you can automate tasks such as adding or removing tags, setting custom field variables, and making external API calls. This setup ensures that conversations with subscribers are smooth and uninterrupted by these background actions.


creating a workflow in our chatbot builder


Creating a Workflow

  1. Access Flows: From the left-hand menu, select “Flows.”
  2. Start New Workflow: Click “+ New Sub Flow.”
  3. Select Type and Name: Choose the ‘workflow’ flow type, give it a name, and click “Create” to begin building your workflow.


Workflow Components

  • Limited Blocks: In the flow builder for workflows, you have access to fewer blocks compared to regular or function flows. Available blocks include Action, Condition, Split, and Send Email.
  • Purpose: Workflows are meant for backend processes like adding tags, setting custom fields, and sending emails, which can be triggered from any other flow in your chatbot.


Workflow Example

  • Scenario: For instance, a user signs up with an email or phone number, and you want to sync this information with your CRM.
  • Process: After collecting the user’s details, you can make an API call using the external request block in the action module, tag the user for completing onboarding, and send an email notification about the new lead.
  • Advantage: Incorporating these actions into the conversational flow might cause delays. Using a workflow ensures the conversation continues smoothly without pause.


workflow example in the chatbot builder


Triggering a Workflow

  • Easy Integration: Triggering a workflow within any other flow is straightforward.
  • Insert Action Block: In any flow, add an action block, go to advanced actions, and select “trigger workflow.”
  • Workflow Selection: Choose any created workflow. This will be processed in the background, allowing the user conversation to continue seamlessly.


learn how to trigger a workflow in our chatbot builder


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