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Sub Flow Overview on our Chatbot Platform

The Sub Flow Overview like the “Canvas” the “Sub Flow” feature in Itheta Labs aids in organizing steps, but it focuses on organizing steps across the entire chatbot or flow, not just within a specific subflow.


Flow TypeDescription
Normal SubflowVaries in channels, basic subflow
Workflowwork at the backend without influencing the front end task
Function Flowperform repetitive tasks


Creating a Sub Flow

  1. Start the Process: Go to “Flows” in the sidebar and click “+ New Sub Flow.”
  2. Choose Flow Type: Select a type of flow. The options are:
    • Normal Subflow: A basic subflow varying in channels.
    • Workflow: Works in the backend without affecting front-end tasks.
    • Function Flow: Performs repetitive tasks.
  3. Name and Save: Give your subflow a name and save it.


sub flow creation on our chatbot


Editing and Organizing Sub Flows

  • Enter Sub Flow: Click on a subflow to start editing.
  • Additional Options: Click the 3-dots icon for more operations.
  • Folders: Use folders to organize different subflows.


sub flow organization


Moving Steps to a Sub Flow

  1. Select Steps: Hold Shift and click/drag to cover multiple steps, or Ctrl + click to select steps one by one.
  2. Move Steps: Use the “Move to Subflow” button in the editing panel or copy and paste them.
  3. Move to Sub Flow: After selecting steps, the editing panel appears. Choose a subflow and click “Move to sub flow.”


Important Notes

  • Minimum Step Requirement: You need at least 2 steps to move them to a subflow or create a canvas. For just one step, add a temporary step and then remove it.
  • Avoid Moving Start Step: The green Start Step can’t be moved to other subflows. If you can’t click “Move to sub flow,” deselect the green Start Step.
  • Copy and Paste Steps: Use Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste the steps into the destination subflow.

Calling a Sub Flow After creating sub flows, you can call a sub flow using various methods such as Goto Step, Keyword, Sequence, Broadcast, Facebook Widget, Comment Growth Tool, Triggers, Live Chat, Menu Items, and Inbound Webhooks. An API call can also be used for this purpose.


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