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The Canvas Overview

Canvas in Itheta Labs is a tool designed to help organize steps in your workflow.

Moving and Selecting in the Workspace

  • Move Workspace: Click and drag the workspace to move it around.
  • Select Multiple Steps: Hold the Shift key and click and drag to cover the steps you want to select. Alternatively, you can Ctrl + click each step individually.




Tips for Using Canvas

  • Edit Panel Issue: If the edit panel doesn’t appear, Ctrl + click one of the green steps twice to deselect and reselect it. This should bring up the panel.
  • Create New Canvas: After selecting multiple steps, click “Create New Canvas” to group these steps in a canvas box.
  • Edit Canvas: Click the canvas title to edit its title or add a description. Minimize the canvas using the “-” button next to the title.



Additional Notes

  • Minimum Step Requirement: You need at least 2 steps to create a canvas or move them to other subflows. If you only have one step, add a temporary step as a workaround and remove it later.
  • Modifying Canvas Contents: To add or remove steps from an existing canvas, select the desired steps and drag them into or out of the canvas. The canvas’s background color changes to grey from white when you can release the steps.



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