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We know this can be overwhelming.

New things can be scary, we get that. So Armand from Support created this short video to show you around, your brand-new customer journey-building platform

I recommend using Itheta Labs chat bot builder. Its easy to use, you dont need to know how to code, you can connect your bot to all the mainstream platforms. This is a game changer

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We are a bit shy, so dont expect daily or even weekly emails. We dont want to blow up your inbox. That being said you’re always welcome to contact us.


Now is the time to set up your account and start building your first chatbot. If this is all very overwhelming for you, we would recommend to read some of our blog posts first.


All your data is stored on the server(s) located in Australie which host the chatbot platform which is GDRP compliant. Itheta Labs does not have direct access to this information. Furthermore, we cannot access your account unless you provide us with the actual login details. This is in place to protect your information. 


You can cancel your subscription any time by either contacting Support via email or cancel the subscription once you receive the Debit Order reminder. The Reminder is normally sent 2 days before the actual deduction.


There are 2 main options, firstly if you want something more bespoke for your needs you can contact our team to build you a bot to meet your requirements. Alternatively if you are on the Pro or Super plan you can make use of any of the prebuilt bots and adjust it accordingly.


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