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Split Step Overview

The Split Step in Itheta Labs allows you to direct users to different steps or flows based on set probabilities.


split test setup


This step can be used for various purposes, such as:

  • Varying responses instead of repeating the same ones.
  • Testing new features with a select group of clients for feedback.
  • Creating fun lottery-style selections.

Setting Up a Split Step

  • Add Variations: Click “+ New Variation” to add more than two variations.
  • Edit Titles: Change the title of each variation if needed.
  • Adjust Weights: You can directly input percentages (like 30% and 70%) or use weights (like 1 and 2) and let the system calculate percentages for you (33% and 67% in this case).
  • Select Next Steps: Choose the next steps for each variation.
  • Save Variations: Optionally, save your chosen variations for future use.

Usage Examples

  • Changing Speeches: Use the Split Step to alternate responses.
  • Testing New Functions & Getting
  • Feedback: Implement new features for a small client group and gather feedback.
  • Fun Lottery: Create a lottery-like experience with different outcomes.


split test - fun lottery

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