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Launching Your Chatbot Journey with Itheta Labs

Kickstart your chatbot creation by registering with Itheta Labs (the link opens in a new window).

Rest assured, the platform is fortified with top-tier administrative tools and employs premium security standards. This ensures all your data remains in a fortress, adhering to every regulatory guideline.

🌟 Quick Note:

  • ‘Workspace Name’ typically aligns with your company’s identity or a specific project/team’s title.
  • ‘Name’, on the other hand, is your personal moniker or alias.


Proceed by completing every field in the registration form. After skimming through the terms of service, give it a nod by ticking “I Accept”, and then hit the “Register” button. Shortly, you will receive a verification email. Simply click the provided button in that email, and you’re all set!

Accessing Your  Account

Signing in is a breeze. Punch in your account specifics and log in. Once the virtual doors swing open, you’ll land on your personal account dashboard. Welcome aboard!

Get in TOUCH with us!

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