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Platform Overview

Getting Started

Once you’re logged in you will see the Platform Overview. You’ll be greeted with the dashboard as depicted above. Dive in and familiarize yourself! 😆

overview of login

Navigation Essentials

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Your dashboard serves as a snapshot of your workspace (or team). For additional resources and community engagement, the three buttons at the bottom will guide you to our Facebook Community, YouTube Channel, and extensive Documentation.

Bots Central

We proudly support a diverse range of 12 channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and even Voice. Selecting any will present a video tutorial guiding its setup. For further details, refer to Setup & Create Bot.

Data Analytics

Dive into your data analytics here. Adjust the data viewing range with the convenient “Last 30 days” dropdown.

Template Haven

Our Template Store is a treasure trove of shared templates. As a user, you’re empowered to both share your genius templates and benefit from the creativity of others.

Integration Hub

This section is your one-stop for all integration needs. From phone numbers and mini-apps to third-party services, everything’s a click away. Our “Integration” document offers step-by-step guidance.

Mini-App Marketplace

Explore a diverse range of shared mini-apps. Just like templates, we encourage users to both publish their unique mini-apps and harness those crafted by others.

E-commerce Central

This segment is dedicated to managing a comprehensive e-commerce system. It’s a consolidated space for product info across channels and chatbots. Plus, it’s where all your multichannel orders converge.

My Creations

The “Contents” section is your personal space to oversee templates, mini-apps, and email templates you’ve masterfully created.

Workspace Customization

Workspace settings offer a streamlined experience to tweak workspace profiles, oversee team members, and fine-tune channel settings.

Billing & Subscription

Navigate to the “Billing” segment for a clear view of your subscription details. Here, you’ll find your current subscription status paired with a handy usage rate bar.


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