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Engage with Subscribers Seamlessly through Live Chat

Complementing chatbot automation, our live chat feature enables you to interact directly with subscribers across all channels. Access live chat conveniently through the main dashboard overview or individual chatbot channels.

Main Live Chat Dashboard Overview: 

From the main dashboard, effortlessly switch between live chats for different chatbot channels. Simply select the desired chatbot, and the corresponding live chat will appear.

Live chat central inbox

Chatbot Channel Access: Direct Engagement

Within any chatbot channel, click the “Live Chat” option to access the live chat interface. This option provides a direct view of subscribers within that specific channel.


Navigating the Live Chat Interface

The live chat interface offers intuitive features to manage subscriber interactions:

live chat overview

Section 1: Subscriber Management

  • Toggle between “Inbox” and “Done” to manage active and completed conversations.
  • Utilize the “Search” bar to locate conversations based on user names.
  • Click on a subscriber’s name to view their conversation history and profile details.

Section 2: Conversation Overview

  • Minimize Section 1 using the “<==” icon to focus solely on the conversation thread.
  • Identify the subscriber’s profile picture and name above the conversation area.
  • Move a conversation to “Done” using the tick icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Utilize the three-dots icon to hide messages from the bot or manage shortcuts.

Section 3: Crafting Agent Responses

  • Compose replies directly in the text box.
  • Type a slash followed by a keyword to search for and insert relevant shortcuts.
  • Utilize the “</>” icon to insert variables, such as the user’s First Name.
  • Toggle between “Reply” and “Note” modes to send messages directly to the subscriber or for internal notes.
  • Employ the icons in the bottom-right corner to send emojis, media, or subflows.
  • Hit the “Enter” key to send messages or notes.

Section 4: Subscriber Profile

  • Access the subscriber’s profile information in this section.

Section 5: Additional Details


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