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Revolutionize Chatbot Development with Function Flows

In the realm of chatbot crafting, function flows emerge as a revolutionary tool, empowering you to streamline repetitive tasks and elevate chatbot efficiency to new heights. Imagine seamlessly integrating email or phone number collection without reinventing the wheel each time. Function flows make this a reality, allowing you to effortlessly redirect users to a dedicated flow for these tasks and seamlessly resume the original conversation upon completion.

Harnessing the Power of Function Flows

Embark on your function flow creation journey by navigating to the “Flows” section in the left-hand menu and clicking the “+ New Sub Flow” button. Opt for the “Function flow” option, provide a descriptive name, and press “Create” to access the flow builder.



Function Flow Builder: Your Canvas for Innovation

The function flow builder mirrors the regular flow builder, offering a comprehensive array of blocks, along with an exclusive addition: the “Output” block. This unique block enables you to send users back to the preceding flow, precisely where they left off, ensuring a seamless conversational experience.


Function Flow Example: Capturing User Emails

Let’s illustrate the power of function flows with a simple example: requesting a user’s email address.

  1. Craft a straightforward flow solely dedicated to email collection.

  2. Integrate the “Output” block into this flow.

  3. Configure the “Output” block to redirect users back to the original flow.

function flow in chatbot

Invoking Function Flows: Unleashing Their Potential

Once your function flow is meticulously crafted, you can effortlessly integrate it into your chatbot’s conversation flow.

  1. Call the function flow from the desired point in the original flow.

  2. Upon completion of the function flow, the user seamlessly transitions back to the original flow, resuming the conversation without disruption.

function flow sending user back to main flow

Function Flows: A Universe of Possibilities

The versatility of function flows extends far beyond email collection. Unleash your creativity and explore a myriad of use cases, from gathering user information to handling complex interactions.


Multiple Outputs: Expanding Horizons

Function flows support multiple outputs, further enhancing their adaptability. When invoking a function flow with multiple outputs, the titles of those outputs are displayed in the “Goto Step” block, enabling you to handle each output accordingly.


Embrace Function Flows: Elevate Chatbot Development

Function flows empower you to streamline chatbot development, minimize repetitive tasks, and elevate chatbot efficiency to new heights. Embrace the power of function flows and unlock a world of possibilities for your chatbot creations.

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