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Flow Builder Overview Introduction

The Flow Builder Overview

Dive into our flow builder with this comprehensive guide. It’s recommended to have a flow open side-by-side as you navigate through this tutorial.

🚨 IMPORTANT: Before diving deep, ensure you grasp every detail presented here. It will make bot-building a breeze!

flow builder overview of a bot

Flow, Sub Flow, and Step Structure

Flow Types Kickstart your bot creation by setting up a flow. We offer 11 diverse flow types: 

flow builder types

Sub Flow Structure Each flow is composed of sub flows. There are three primary sub flow categories:

  • General sub flow
  • Call/trigger background operations
  • Handle repetitive operations


Step Composition Steps are the building blocks of sub flows. The platform offers 8 distinct step types that serve various functions, from displaying information to processing data.


stepdisplay information
stepask question and wait for user input
stepprocess data and tasks via integrations, APIs, notifications…
stepgo different steps depend on conditions
stepgo different steps depend on probability
stepsend full email instead of short email notification
stepjump to a step or sub flow rather than using a line connector
stepdefine output for the function flow


📌 NOTE: Different flow types have unique setups and messaging capabilities. For instance, while you can showcase a product gallery in Facebook Messenger, the SMS channel doesn’t support this feature.


Versions: Published vs. Draft

Every flow possesses both a Published and a Draft version.

  • Published Version: This is the active version your bot uses to interact with clients.
  • Draft Version: All your edits are automatically saved to this version, allowing you to modify your flow without affecting the active bot.


Navigation and Interface

For a seamless bot-building experience, familiarize yourself with the interface. Here’s a breakdown:

Navigation Bar: This bar at the top hosts essential links, including the workspace, flow type/name, and user settings.

Sidebar: Situated on the left, the sidebar provides quick access to various sections like Flow Builder, Flows, Analytics, and more.

Flow Builder Workspace: This is where the magic happens! Create and interlink steps, utilize features, and design your bot flow.


flow builder overview of the navigation bar


Tips & Tricks for the Flow Builder

  • Change Themes: Customize the workspace’s appearance by selecting your preferred theme.
  • Hide/Show Features: The mini-map and tooltips can be toggled on or off as per your preference.
  • Multi-step Operations: Learn to select multiple steps, connect them, and even move them between sub flows.
  • Shortcut Commands: Use commands like Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V for copying and pasting steps, respectively.


Flow Building Basics

  • Editing Steps: Click on any step to modify its properties.
  • Connecting Steps: Use connectors to define the flow between various steps.
  • Group Operations: Select multiple steps simultaneously for operations like copying, pasting, or deleting.


flow builder connecting send message to question step


Final Thoughts

That wraps up the overview of the Flow Builder! With this foundational knowledge, you’re all set to design intuitive and engaging chatbots. Happy building! 😊


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