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E-Commerce Setup for your Chatbot

Ecommerce Feature Setup

Product Listings

ecommerce setup of your products

  • Adding Products: Within the ecommerce section, you can seamlessly add and manage your products. Ensure to set the product’s availability status for accurate stock representation. 

  • Product Organization: Use the Organization feature to categorize and sort your product listings. If you’re just starting, you might not see pre-defined categories. Simply type in a new category and select it to create one. 

ecommerce product setup

Product Variants

For products with multiple options like size or color, utilize the “Variants” feature.
  • Select the desired option (e.g., size, color), and list the available choices.
  • Adjust individual variant pricing, add photos, and more.
  • The chosen options will be reflected in the shopping user interface. 

ecommerce product variants

🔍 TIP: If one option has associated images (like color) and another doesn’t (like size), prioritize the image-related option to ensure correct display.

ecommerce variant setup


  • Manual Addition: For a more organized display, group products into collections. You can manually add products to a collection. 

  • Automatic Addition: Alternatively, set conditions to auto-add products to specific collections based on attributes like price or category. 

ecommerce collections

Promotions: Discounts

  • Creating discounts is straightforward. Specify the discount code (or generate one) and set the parameters, like percentage off or buy-one-get-one. 

ecommerce discount setup

🚨 NOTE: If you encounter errors while creating discounts, it’s a known issue being addressed. Your patience is appreciated.

Shopping Cart Overview

  • Review what users have added to their carts. Get insights into popular products and potential sales.
  • After a user completes a purchase, the items shift from the cart to the order history. 

ecommerce shopping card

Order Histories

  • Access a comprehensive list of all orders placed, helping you track sales, dispatch products, and manage inventory. 

ecommerce order history

Ecommerce Settings 🚨 CRUCIAL: Before initiating the checkout process, ensure you’ve set essential details like store information, payment methods, and shipping options.

  • Store Details: Provide essential information about your store for customers to reference. 

  • Shipping & Payment: Define available shipping methods and payment gateways. Ensure the correct currency is selected for a smooth transaction process. 

  • Order ID Customization: If desired, add a prefix or suffix to your order IDs for better organization.

By configuring these settings, you can offer a seamless shopping experience, driving sales and ensuring customer satisfaction.


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