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The Condition Step

Condition Step

In the Condition Step on Itheta Labs, you can direct to different steps or sub-flows based on set conditions.

condition step



Adding a Condition Group

Click “+ Add Condition Group” in your Condition Step to create at least one group. There’s always an “Otherwise” group present by default.

condition step - otherwise option


Multiple Condition Groups

You can create multiple condition groups. The system checks them from top to bottom, and once a group matches, it moves to a specific step. If none match, the “Otherwise” group is used. Therefore, it’s good to name a step in the “Otherwise” group, even if it’s unlikely to be needed.


All Conditions vs. Any Conditions

In each condition group, there’s an option to choose between “All conditions” and “Any conditions.” This choice affects how conditions are matched:

  • “All Conditions”: All conditions in the group must be met.
  • “Any Conditions”: Only one of the conditions needs to be met.

Tag & Sequence Condition

For tags and sequences, you can select “in” or “not in.” Multiple selections are allowed.



Text Variable Condition

These are the operators for text conditions. Note that clearing a variable makes it empty, affecting conditions like “has any value” or “is empty.”


Number Variable Condition

This section lists all operators for number conditions.



DateTime Variable Condition

Here are the operators for DateTime conditions. Remember to use the format “yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss” for values, regardless of the display format.

“Before/after” compares the entire datetime value.
“Time before/after” only compares the time value.

JSON Variable Condition

These operators are for JSON conditions. The last three operators work with a list of variables, not a list of JSONs.




The very last 3 operators, “has item matched with …”, require the JSON to be a list of variables, not a list of JSON. In other words, if your JSON is storing a list of normal variables, these 3 operators work. They won’t work for a JSON storing a list of JSON.


Custom Input

Custom input allows you to compare values in a JSON variable. Select a value from a JSON and compare it like a text variable condition.


Math Formula

In the Condition Step, you can perform formula calculations directly. Supported operations and functions include basic math, pi, absolute value, min/max, ceiling/flooring, logarithm, power, rounding, square root, and trigonometric functions.

Please note: An invalid formula results in 0 for number variables and emptiness for text variables.


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