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Sequences: Automated Follow-Up and Delay Messages

Sequences: Automated Follow-Up and Delay Messages

Sequences: Automated Follow-Up and Delay Messages Sequences allow your chatbot the ability to automatically send follow-up or delayed messages to customers. This allows for personalized communication and engagement beyond initial interactions. Key Takeaways: Sequences enable sending multiple messages with different delays, creating dynamic and engaging customer experiences. Five steps are involved in creating a sequence: […]

Navigate Conversations Seamlessly with Keywords

Navigate Conversations Seamlessly with Keywords

Navigate Conversations Seamlessly with Keywords Keywords have emerged as a powerful tool, transforming user interactions from frustrating searches to effortless navigation. By enabling users to effortlessly jump to subflows using specific keywords, businesses can streamline communication, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive business growth. Empower your users to effortlessly jump to subflows using keywords, eliminating the […]

Manage and Understand Your Chatbot Users

Manage and Understand Your Chatbot Users through our chatbot platform

Manage and Understand Your Chatbot Users Effectively manage your chatbot users and extract valuable insights to enhance customer interactions. People who opt-in to your chatbot by interacting with it are considered bot users. These become contacts inside of your chatbot channel and during the course of a single or multiple conversations, the chatbot will be […]

Live Chat: Engage with Subscribers Seamlessly

Live chat chatbot feature

Engage with Subscribers Seamlessly through Live Chat Complementing chatbot automation, our live chat feature enables you to interact directly with subscribers across all channels. Access live chat conveniently through the main dashboard overview or individual chatbot channels. Main Live Chat Dashboard Overview:  From the main dashboard, effortlessly switch between live chats for different chatbot channels. […]

Function Flow Chatbot Functionality

Function Flow chatbot functionality

Revolutionize Chatbot Development with Function Flows In the realm of chatbot crafting, function flows emerge as a revolutionary tool, empowering you to streamline repetitive tasks and elevate chatbot efficiency to new heights. Imagine seamlessly integrating email or phone number collection without reinventing the wheel each time. Function flows make this a reality, allowing you to […]

Workflow Overview in our Chatbot Builder

Workflow overview in the chatbot builder

Overview of the Workflow Function in our Chatbot Builder The Workflow Overview A workflow in Itheta Labs is like a backend process where you can automate tasks such as adding or removing tags, setting custom field variables, and making external API calls. This setup ensures that conversations with subscribers are smooth and uninterrupted by these […]

The Sub Flow overview of our chatbots

Read our Sub Flow function overview in our chatbot building platform

Sub Flow Overview on our Chatbot Platform The Sub Flow Overview like the “Canvas” the “Sub Flow” feature in Itheta Labs aids in organizing steps, but it focuses on organizing steps across the entire chatbot or flow, not just within a specific subflow.   Flow Type Description Normal Subflow Varies in channels, basic subflow Workflow […]

The Canvas Overview

The Canvas Overview

The Canvas Overview Canvas in Itheta Labs is a tool designed to help organize steps in your workflow. Moving and Selecting in the Workspace Move Workspace: Click and drag the workspace to move it around. Select Multiple Steps: Hold the Shift key and click and drag to cover the steps you want to select. Alternatively, […]

The Goto Step

The Goto Step overview

The Goto Step Overview The “Goto Step” in Itheta Labs is a feature that enables you to easily navigate between different steps within the current subflow or jump to the beginning of another subflow.     Using Goto Step Create or Choose Subflow: You can create a new subflow or select an existing one. Remember, […]

Split Step

Split Step

Split Step Overview The Split Step in Itheta Labs allows you to direct users to different steps or flows based on set probabilities.     This step can be used for various purposes, such as: Varying responses instead of repeating the same ones. Testing new features with a select group of clients for feedback. Creating […]