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AI chatbot for Facebook marketing: Automate lead generation

AI chatbot for Facebook marketing: generating leads from comments In the bustling world of social media, Facebook stands as a crucial platform for businesses to engage with their audience. Yet, a significant pain point lies in the realm of Facebook comments — a goldmine of potential leads often overlooked. The key to unlocking this treasure […]

Action Step – Variable Operation

Action Step - Variable Operation

Chatbots vs Plugins: Revolutionizing Online Interactions? Action Step – Variable Operation Our chatbot platform provides a variety of built-in operations for modifying variables. There are six types of variables: text, number, Boolean, date, datetime, and JSON. Variable Operations Type Operation Description Text Trim text Removes spaces before or after the text. Text Substring Extracts a […]

Question Step

Question Step

The Question Step Question Step The Question Step is used to ask users questions and get their responses. It is one of the most fundamental steps in your chatbot flow. Set Quick Answers Quick answers are convenient for users to click rather than typing. When you set a quick answer: The “Answer Text” is shown […]

Send Message Step

Send Message Step

The Send Message Step How to Send Messages in the chatbot The chatbot platform allows you to create and manage chatbots for a variety of channels, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram. To send messages in the chatbot, you will need to create a flow and add a Send Message step. To create a flow: […]

Bot Templates

Bot templates on our platform

Bot Templates on our Platform Dive into Bot Templates with Us Crafting Flows/Bots Choose between crafting a blank flow or drawing inspiration from a pre-existing template. Want to explore the template store? Simply navigate Dashboard ➡️ Template Store. Remember, you’ll need to establish a connection to a channel before diving into template installation. Molding Your […]


Registration with Itheta Labs

Registration with Itheta Labs Launching Your Chatbot Journey with Itheta Labs Kickstart your chatbot creation by registering with Itheta Labs (the link opens in a new window). Rest assured, the platform is fortified with top-tier administrative tools and employs premium security standards. This ensures all your data remains in a fortress, adhering to every regulatory […]

E-Commerce Setup

E-commerce with Chatbots

E-Commerce Setup for your Chatbot Ecommerce Feature Setup Product Listings Adding Products: Within the ecommerce section, you can seamlessly add and manage your products. Ensure to set the product’s availability status for accurate stock representation. Product Organization: Use the Organization feature to categorize and sort your product listings. If you’re just starting, you might not […]

Flow Builder Overview

Flow builder overview post

Flow Builder Overview Introduction The Flow Builder Overview Dive into our flow builder with this comprehensive guide. It’s recommended to have a flow open side-by-side as you navigate through this tutorial. 🚨 IMPORTANT: Before diving deep, ensure you grasp every detail presented here. It will make bot-building a breeze! Flow, Sub Flow, and Step Structure […]

How to Build a Free Chatbot

How to build a free chatbot blog

How to Build a Free Chatbot Did you know you can build a free chatbot without breaking the bank? Even better, takes less than 5 minutes! In today’s digital age, chatbots have become an essential tool for businesses to engage with their audience and provide instant support. Let’s delve into the world of Itheta Labs […]

WhatsApp Cloud API Setup With Itheta Labs

WhatsApp Cloud API integration

WhatsApp Cloud API Facebook announced WhatsApp cloud API on 20th May, and it’s available to any business of any size, big and small. This documentation will teach you how to set up WhatsApp Cloud API with the platform. You will be able to build your WhatsApp chatbot with a free testing number offered by Facebook, […]