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Crafting Flows/Bots

Choose between crafting a blank flow or drawing inspiration from a pre-existing template. Want to explore the template store? Simply navigate

Dashboard ➡️ Template Store.

Remember, you’ll need to establish a connection to a channel before diving into template installation.

create template

Molding Your Templates

Templates emerge from your existing flows, transforming the chosen flow into a template’s foundational source.

🚨 Heads Up! The source flow is paramount for any future edits or updates to your template. Guard it with care! If it accidentally vanishes, you’ll be unable to tweak the template. A workaround? Unlock, install the template, and recraft it using the new source flow.

choose flow


To embark, follow the steps in the image above. Then, cherry-pick a source flow from your repository.


edit content

Bestow apt descriptions for fields, be it a manager’s email or a diner’s contact. Don’t forget to preset default values when required.

give a name

The finishing touch? Christen your template, and voila! 🎉

🌟 Quick Insight: A full-flow template morphs your existing flow/bot, while a subflow template augments it with a fresh folder.

Refining Your Templates

Desire more visibility? Hit “Share” to fine-tune your template’s audience:

template settings

Sharing your masterpiece? Tap “Edit Info” to infuse your template with a vivid description, guiding steps, tags, a live demo peek, YouTube links, and a captivating cover image.

template settings

Craving an update? Retreat to the source flow under “All Bots”, spruce it up, and circle back to hit “Update Flow”. We will juxtapose the old and new, highlighting every nuance.

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