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Action Step – Variable Operation

Our chatbot platform provides a variety of built-in operations for modifying variables. There are six types of variables: text, number, Boolean, date, datetime, and JSON.

Variable Operations

TextTrim textRemoves spaces before or after the text.
TextSubstringExtracts a portion of the text.
TextReplace stringReplaces a portion of the text with another string.
TextTo lower/upper caseConverts the text to lowercase or uppercase.
TextGenerate random textGenerates a random string of text.
TextURL encode/decodeEncodes or decodes the text for use in a URL.
TextBase64 encode/decodeEncodes or decodes the text using Base64 encoding.
TextTo URL friendly slugConverts the text to a URL-friendly slug by replacing spaces with hyphens and removing other special characters.
TextGet text before/after …Extracts a portion of the text before or after another string.
NumberGet text lengthReturns the length of the text string.
NumberGenerate random numberGenerates a random number.
NumberAdd/subtract/multiply/divide/modulus/power/natural logarithm/square rootPerforms the specified arithmetic operation on the number.
NumberRoundRounds the number to the specified number of decimal places.
NumberFloor/ceilReturns the nearest integer less than or greater than or equal to the number, respectively.
DatetimeFrom formatted textParses a formatted date or time string and returns a datetime object.
DatetimeAdd minutes/hours/days/weeks/monthsAdds the specified amount of time to the datetime object.
JSONLoad/get/update/remove/count/sum/average/sort/shuffle/reversePerforms the specified operation on the JSON variable.

Action Step - Variable Operation

Example Use Cases

  • Text: Use the trim text operation to remove any leading or trailing spaces from a user input.
  • Number: Use the generate random number operation to generate a one-time verification code.
  • Datetime: Use the add days operation to calculate the due date for a task.
  • JSON: Use the load operation to load a JSON object from a file.


The variable operations provide a powerful way to manipulate data in your chatbots. By understanding how to use these operations, you can create more complex and sophisticated chatbots that can meet the needs of a wider range of users.

Additional Notes

  • Be sure to validate user input before using it in variable operations.
  • Use the appropriate variable type for each operation.
  • Be aware of the potential for errors when using variable operations, such as division by zero.
  • Test your chatbots thoroughly before deploying them to production.

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