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Action Step - Send Notification

This action allows your bot to send notifications to different channels, such as email, Slack, SMS, or phone calls.



Sending an Email Notification

  • Set up your email integration.
  • Enter the sender’s email address in “Email Profile” and the recipient’s email address in “To Email”.
  • Compose your message in the text area.
  • Click “Save”.


Unlike “Send Email” step, email notification only supports text message type.

Sending a Slack Notification

  • Set up your Slack integration.
  • Select a webhook and a default channel.
  • Choose the type of message you want to send, such as a text message or a section with an image or field value.
  • Compose your message in the text area.
  • Click “Test” to send a test message and adjust accordingly.
  • Click “Save”.


Send Notification feature showing slack notification

Sending an SMS Notification

  • Set up a sender number.
  • Choose a sender and a recipient.
  • Compose your message in the text area.
  • Click “Save”.


Send notification via sms

Making a Phone Call

  • Set up a phone number.
  • Connect a voice flow to the phone number.
  • Enter the recipient’s phone number.
  • Click “Save”.


Using Ref Payload

Ref payload is a way to pass a message to the voice bot. For example, you can set the ref payload to “support” in the notification action and then handle that message in your voice flow.




Passing a JSON Variable in Ref Payload

You can pass a JSON variable in the ref payload, but you need to base64 encode it before and decode it after. See the base64 operations in Set Custom Field.

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