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This About Us page is not just a title but a representation of our core philosophy. Drawing inspiration from “Itheta” the concept of ‘talk labs’.

Our focus has always been clear: curate unparalleled customer journeys through AI Chatbots that don’t just communicate but also convert.


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About Us - Itheta Labs
"In a world where AI and machine learning are advancing, adopting chatbots can set businesses on a path to deliver exceptional customer experiences and stay ahead in their industries."
Atlaf Hussain Sayyed
Director: Nimetler Technologies

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About us, our journey of innovation

A Journey of Innovation and Commitment

Unwavering mission to redefine the operational efficiency of businesses through the effective use of chatbots. Specifically targeting the unique needs of South African Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Established in 2023, our inception was rooted in extensive AI research in our 9 to 5’s. To bridge the gap in the market for affordable and accessible chatbot solutions.

We believe the use of AI tools such as AI Bots, Chatbot GPTs, and many more, will truly enhance SMEs in every industry.


What truly sets us apart?

Unlike other chatbot companies that focus merely on automated or AI-generated responses. Our philosophy is centered around curating unparalleled customer journeys through the effective construction and deployment of chatbots.

Effective chatbots which offer true benefits to companies, must be built using all available business knowledge. It should not just be a mechanical process through the implementation of a “standard ai chatbot”. Instead one built with attention to detail and based on the business actual information.

We believe in fostering connections, not just facilitating conversations. Not to mention that we were founded by like-minded Entrepreneurs with over 10 years of experience in SME’s!

About Us, setting the standard for chatbots
About us and our vast experience in bot building

Real Business Experience

Our vast experience ensures that we understand your needs. Because we have experienced them first hand!

Our bot builders, with their in-depth experience, stand out in identifying and addressing key pain points. From the complexities of manufacturing, chemical, and engineering sectors to the dynamic demands of retail, hospitality, and finance, they’ve delved deep into each industry’s unique challenges.

Their expertise in areas like construction, logistics, health care, and ICT has illuminated areas of inefficiency, and their familiarity with sectors like legal, education, agriculture, and compliance underscores their holistic business understanding. 

Itheta Labs is also proudly a member of the South African Artificial Intelligence Association.


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